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Stumbling through the dark with a broken heart

my new blog.

Anonymous asked: poop


I don’t know if I can carry on using this blog.
I don’t want to keep posting on this one, as the time goes by, all of the things me and Justin used to talk about/share interest in will fade deep into my archive, and I don’t want that to happen.
So, I’m thinking about creating a new blog, and keeping this one right where it is, so I can go to whenever I want and look through all of the things me and Justin used to talk about, post to each other, and all of the memories we shared around those certain times.
I’ve not used this one in a while anyway, as I find it too difficult.

I don’t understand how my tumblr has started to follow people that I don’t want to follow? I also don’t understand how this can happen when I’ve not used tumblr in over 2 months? The internet is lame.

Don’t suppose anyone recorded Alkaline Trio’s set at Reading or at o2 Academy, Islington? :(

pandoraslabyrinth asked: Hi I came across your blog via the Matt Skiba tag. I thought you would like to know that when they played Reading on Friday night, they dedicated a song to Justin. I am so sorry for your loss.

Oh my god, are you serious?!?! That’s unbelievable!!!
I need to find a video to show Justin’s mum, I actually cannot believe it.
Thank you so, so much for letting me know. And thank you for your kind words too xxx


Justin’s favourite band, Alkaline Trio, DECIDATED ‘Mercy Me’ to Justin last night!!
Justin’s mum sent their managers an email about Justin, about the accident, how Justin was supposed to be seeing them with her last night, how Justin had met them a few years ago at KOKO, how they were his inspiration and how he idolized them, how Justin had an Alkaline Trio tattoo that covered his whole forearm, how he had ‘Mercy Me’ played at his funeral, how had their artwork put on his coffin.
They actually did it. They dedicated the song to him. I couldn’t believe it. I still cannot believe it. Matt Skiba said his name on stage. I wish Justin could have been there to see that. Everyone around us must have thought we were crazy fans, jumping up and down, hugging and crying when they introduced ‘Mercy Me’. Not at all. It was for our son, boyfriend, our best friend, Justin Boneman xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

If ANYONE has that video, I’d be forever grateful if you could sent it/link it to me, it would honestly mean everything to us,thank you so much!

Your send off was absolutely beautiful, as were your flowers - you’d have been so pleased with them xxxxxx

I love you Justin xxxxxxxxxxx
05/08/1989 - 28/05/2013

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